Gaia Rhythm Show


One voice encompasses all that is and will be,
One voice that intertwines all cultures and faiths,
One voice reborn into timelessness…


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A place where everything is possible and time is only a fragment of our imagination. From the ancient sounds of the Mongolian mountains to the ruins of the Maltese temples the voices are sung across the lands……
The Gaia Rhythm Show is a mesmeric encounter with another world; A story of what it is to be human.
A rich encounter of the relationship between man and Earth, an awareness that our planet is forever changing an adapting organism that we are part of.
The show displays rare and rich virtuoso talents with music that has a language of its own; it is completely unique and unidentifiable – unlike anything heard before! Beautifully choreographed fire performances, outrageous acrobatics, aerial artists unfurling from above & world champion break dancers add their magic to this enthralling extravaganza.


Gaia Rhythm Events

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  • 1 Market Street, Suite 41, Level 32, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia