Stilt Walking Jazz Band

Stilt Walking Jazz Band


Did you hear the story about a Stilt Walking Jazz Band in Sydney that can bring your next event to new heights? This is no joke; these roving stilt walkers have taken the vow to deliver you some wow! Available as a duo, trio or quartet, when these roving performers whack on their stilts and one of the many costumes they have in their repertoire, the vibe at your event really comes to life.

Let your guests be entertained by the sheer talent of our Stilt Walking Jazz Band; the perfect impact-ascending, roving entertainers or meet and greet performers that will have your guests shimmering, boogieing, and doing the sprinkler and shoe shine in no time at all. Set your sights high – with these roving entertainers from Sydney on board, you won’t be disappointed.

Available as a quartet, trio & duo, a range of costumes ready to uplift your next events.

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