Photo Booth

Photo Booth

An inexpensive and fun way to engage your guests
Our beautiful open freestanding booths are a lot more fun than the standard boxed booths, all your guests can get in on the act, even 20 people at a time! Our wonderful booth attendant will keep everything running smoothly and guests receive their unlimited prints instantly as well as being able to share to social media. Then after your event we’ll give you a slick online gallery of all the shots.

Feeling Sociable?
Guests can instantly share their images to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Email and even Twitter

We are Customisable
How about a customised background, maybe a safari to Africa, A trip to a Winter Wonderland, a Bollywood Studio set?
We also custom-design the prints with your brand and/or event details, creating a unique memento for guests to take home. Or, you could create a cool ‘photo wall’ at your event where people can enjoy the images, generating a lovely buzz both online and in the real world.

We are Unlimited – Our Prints that is!
High Quality Canon DSLR and studio lighting to get the best photo booth pictures and prints. Your guests will love getting printed copies of their digital creations, and your event will love all the extra attention it’s getting.

Bring out the poser in your people, our quirky collection of props will do just that!

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