African Lion Dancer

African Lion Dancer

The African Lion Dancer is a powerful and spectacular dance from Senegal.

Depicting the transformation of a man into lion, the use of this animal is auspicious in Senegalese culture as it is embedded in spirituality and history.
According to the legend, a lone hunter is set upon by a fierce lion. He survives the encounter but only just and is in such shock that he looses his mind. Soon he is behaving like a lion, eating raw meat, and it becomes clear that the spirit of the lion that failed to defeat him in the real world, has now invaded his soul.
Held during the rainy season in Senegal, the African Lion Dancer is now available year round in Sydney.

The African Lion performs a dynamic dance choreography clad in stunning tribal costume accompanied by drummers and/or percussionists to entrance and inspire their audience with the story of transformation.

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